Client Success Stories

What is it like to work together?

Hearing about a client’s success after working together is one of the most rewarding parts of being a professional communications coach. Here are a few clients who’ve shared their experience with me.

"I found tremendous value in Janell’s coaching and approach. She uncovered areas for improvement in my executive presence and presentation style and gave me very clear, realistic and achievable feedback I was able to incorporate right away. Her approach is relatable, non-judgmental and comes from an empathetic place which is critical to this kind of feedback and coaching. I would highly recommend her to anyone who has to give presentations or lead meetings or simply just show up well to others (which is just about everyone!), she will absolutely be able to help you and the ongoing value and ROI of that investment will more than pay for itself."

"Janell completely WOW'd our team. Feedback included, 'That was stellar. The pacing was great. I learned a lot. Phenomenal job!' and 'This was probably one of my favorite presentations so far.' She was passionate about the branding topic and added tremendous depth and energy to the content. Thank you for sharing your gifts of connecting and public speaking with us! "

"Janell's workshops were engaging and informative. The works she did with our leadership team had a positive impact. For me personally, it has improved my management communication style and given me confidence in my presence in front of an audience."

"I met Janell by participating in an insightful webinar she led at Cisco on establishing personal brand. Learning she was a public speaking coach, I reached out to her after the course—perhaps hoping a bit of the magic she brought to facilitation would rub off. We set up an initial engagement. My goal was to leave our session with a few tips and practical ideas specific to challenges I faced. I walked out feeling inspired and energized! I felt more confident about saying "yes" to speaking opportunities in the future. Janell is the coach you dream of -- she doesn't judge, but breaks down a problem and provides useful insights. She's approachable, smart, and incredibly helpful."

"I engaged Janell to deliver a hugely successful webinar on Personal Brand to my customer, a world-class global IT company. Over 3,000 attendees were kept engaged and informed by Janell’s deep expertise, enthusiasm and authenticity. I found Janell to be a wonderful partner in all the preparations leading up to the event demonstrating her professionalism, agility and good humor."