Services & Details

Janell offers:

  1. Coaching
  2. Group Workshops
  3. Webinars

Performance Coaching Model

1:1 Coaching Sessions run 60-90 min in length and can range from a 30 day to a 6-month engagement or for an ongoing length of time. Performance Coaching begins with an assessment based on your desired outcomes. From there, Janell designs your customized coaching plan, including ongoing practice and feedback, and accountability check-ins.

Janell specializes in the following:

  1. Presentation Skills
  2. High Stakes Presentations
  3. Speaking Anxiety
  4. Managing Meetings
  5. Interpersonal Skills
  6. Interviewing Skills
  7. Facilitation Skills

Collaborative & Exciting Workshops via Zoom

Team or Group learning is highly interactive and available as a happy hour or brown bag (60 – 90 min) session via Zoom, or two – three part series depending on topic area (s). Participants are invited to join with cameras on, in a non-distracting environment to gain the most ROI from the high touch session.

Janell can help improve how you, and your teams communicate so that you experience increased productivity and less fatigue.


Live, Pre-recorded, and Open Enrollment Webinars

High Engagement Webinars run 60-90 min. in length.

Workshop and Webinar Topics include:

  1. Confident Communication
  2. Confident Q & A
  3. Executive Voice / Presence
  4. Assertive Communication

Janell customizes and designs workshops and webinars to meet the needs, challenges, goals and vision of the client. Looking for Open Enrollment Programs? Contact Janell for dates and times.

Are you a student, start-up, non-profit, small business or academic institution? Janell extends special rates to these individuals and organizations.

Influence is where Leadership and Communication Meet – Featuring “Exercising Influence”

In partnership with Barnes & Conti, Janell offers coaching on the topic of Exercising Influence. After decades of researching, and countless years of teaching Interpersonal Communication at San Jose State University as well as other colleges, she discovered real application in Barnes and Conti’s model for Interpersonal Influence and is excited to offer these practical skills to her clients. Do you have a team that would benefit from a Training Program? Ask Janell for details.

Janell Payne Executive Communication Coach Portland

How Does Janell Coach

Janell doesn’t have a gimmick, a 9 step program for you to follow, or a cookie-cutter approach she tries to cram you into. Instead, she focuses on laying a foundation of communication skills and strategies based on best practices, and then building you up from there, so you get a customized, unique way of communicating centered on your personality, strengths, and preferences.

“That’s the lion’s share of the work that I do: coach people to present a message in any kind of a context they are working in.”

To get a better idea of Janell’s coaching style, take a look at one of her quick-tip coaching videos on YouTube!

How Long Does Coaching Take?

Coaching Packages range from 3 – 12, 60-90 min sessions depending on the needs of the client. If a client is preparing for a real time high stakes presentation like a keynote or conference, an intensive package may be the best approach, whereas a client seeking “just in time” coaching may require a one-off coaching session.

“It’s more practical this way. I don’t want to keep a client forever. If I’m doing my job, we are meeting your goals and objectives, and delivering on your objectives. Some people might go through 6 sessions with me, and 6 months later they want a refresher or “tune up”. Same goes for when a returning client wants to work with me on a specific presentation they have coming up: I am happy to help in a one-off capacity too.”

Hire Janell As Your Communication Coach

Whether you need help preparing for an upcoming make-or-break business pitch, or an all around brush-up on the basics of effective leadership communication, talk to Janell! She’s happy to speak with you and discuss opportunities for growth and areas of strength, so that you can thrive in your career and business.

What Can A Communication Coach Help You With?

A communications coach like Janell isn’t only going to help you stop saying “um” when you’re talking; there are a multitude of different skills that she can equip you with. Some examples include:

  • Winning a competitive product pitch with techniques designed to help you win investor money for your product! (Janell coached CEO of A Cajun Life
  • Keys to succeeding at high-stakes presentations
  • Teaching staff members how to be brand ambassadors
  • Setting clear boundaries with co-workers, peers, and management
  • Navigating political waters and asking for opportunities
  • How to transition to a new role as an executive in a new company
  • Techniques for women to communicate with confidence, composure, and assertion
  • Strategies for local school district leaders to engage, connect and send clear messaging to key stakeholders and the community, as well as interpersonal meetings with students, parents, and colleagues
  • New methods to diffuse and neutralize heated interactions
  • Specifically customized lessons for doctors delivering keynote speeches and meetings
  • Broad overviews & specific examples of how to give a Ted Talk successfully
  • How to have confidence speaking on the big stage at a conference
  • Giving the ultimate Wedding Toast
  • Facilitating Engaging Board-Room Presos or Virtual Meetings
  • Elevating your Virtual Presence on Zoom
  • Hosting high energy, collaborative team happy hours on Zoom or in person
  • Strategies for individual communication at work (formal and informal)
  • Achieving email efficiency and other written communication
  • Key methods for setting ground rules and expectations prior to meetings for maximum engagement
  • Using vocal affect, facial expressions and confident body language
  • How to turn a story into a long-lasting memory
  • Improving your interpersonal communication at work
  • Preparation, Practice and Self Regulation strategies to reduce anxiety and manage speaking apprehension
  • Asking for specific measurable feedback from a manager, mentor or sponsor
  • Asserting your “Ask” in a clear and compelling manner
  • Minimizing powerless language that can undermine your credibility
  • Delivering bad news in a good way
  • Addressing resistance, skepticism and objections with a neutral approach
  • Facilitating a collaborative dialogue (non-violent communication)
  • Giving difficult feedback to a direct report
  • Training your staff and instructors to be the “personal brand” of your business
  • Setting clear boundaries and saying “no”
  • Techniques for engagement when speaking to a senior level audience
  • Listening beyond the superficial message to get to the issue that lies beneath
  • Paraphrasing and responding to questions
  • Creating rapport and sustaining relationships
  • Inspiring your audience to take action
  • Writing and delivering a concise, compelling elevator pitch