Cooperation, compliments, and contradiction? An analysis of Clinton’s DNC Speech

In both my Argument and Debate, and Interpersonal classes, I establish the foundation of the course by introducing Philosopher, Martin Buber. I was introduced to “Buber” in gradschool by one of my favorite professor’s Shawn Spano. Dr. Spano taught the Interpersonal Communication seminar which focused on training students to design and facilitate a dialogue (applying […]

Helping speakers with anxiety disorders

Recently, I saw guest speaker Maryellen Curran, Psychologist specializing in OCD, anxiety disorders and EMDR, speak at PowerSpeaking Inc.’s Trainer’s Day. I want to share a snipit of the interesting information she shared as it echoed much of what the academic research discusses in Public Speaking texts. 30% of people have performance anxiety (speakers, actors, […]

The Power of the Pause, Context (and Reframing), and Music Appreciation

An analysis of Paul Ryan’s and Mitt Romney’s RNC Keynote Speeches By Janell Payne, PowerSpeaking, Inc. Trainer In this analysis I will share six (do’s and don’ts) and tips I found to be useful for business presentations. Key take away #1 Paul Ryan places vocal emphasis on the numbers that 1 in 6 Americans are […]

Lady in Red: What Ann Romney did right at the RNC

Written for PowerSpeaking, Inc. There are three essential elements that make up an effective presentation – Substance, Staging, and Style. In this short review of Ann Romney’s 2012 (21 minute) “Tonight I want to talk to you about love” speech, I will highlight elements from each area that Ann applied in her talk. SUBSTANCE […]

Respect Over Love: A Presentation Analysis of Chris Christie’s RNC Speech

Written for PowerSpeaking, Inc. Political commentary on Chris Christie’s 24 minute, Republican National Convention Keynote speech, has been “dominated by discussion of whether Christie offered too many words about himself and too few about Romney or about the kind of original and provocative ideas that many were expecting on such a major occasion.” (John Harris […]

Delivery, Delivery, Delivery

Smile -You’re human I’ve had the good fortune this week to work on two unique projects. The first was training a group of International students from JAMK University, Finland at San Jose State University. The second was providing presentational coaching to NetApp employees as they prepare for their annual “Insight” Conference. The key take-away […]

What kind of smart are you?

The first philosophy statement I have listed on my website is to “Know yourself.” The more you know about your optimal learning style, the faster you absorb and retain information, which leads to faster results. There is no one right way to learn and there’s not one kind of “smart.” One size does not fit […]

Are you a “mench?”

A “mench” is a trustworthy person who is humane and good to others. “Mench” comes from the word: Mencius |ˈmen ch ēəs| ( c. 371– c. 289 bc), Chinese philosopher; Latinized name of Meng-tzu or Mengzi (“Meng the Master”). Known as a developer of Confucianism, he believed that rulers should provide for the welfare of […]

What kind of emailer are you?

When Your E-Mail Goes Unanswered…what do you do? The NY Times published a piece last Friday on email and expectancy. I found this timely and relevant as a girlfriend of mine and I were just talking about this very subject Saturday night. On the one hand it seems like an invasion of privacy that we […]