Communication Coaching

For Teams

Enhance your team's synergy through stronger communication skills

Build your team’s interpersonal connection that fosters collaboration through engaging, hands-on workshops, webinars and keynotes. Each can be customized to address specific topics, or kept high-level for a holistic approach.

Keynotes & Speaking Engagements

Bring a thematic focus to your next event. Keynotes and speaking engagements can be customized around a central theme and help emphasize your specific leadership objectives.

In-Person Off-sites & Retreats

Bring professional development to your next team event. Full or half-day sessions are available and are designed to be engaging, hands-on and interactive.

“Janell was by far my best instructor in this area over many years, and earned perfect scoring from customers.”

Francois Wevers
Former Director of Clark College Customized Training

Live Webinars & Workshops

These sessions are customized to address the specific needs, challenges, goals for your business or organization. Janell offers Live, Interactive Virtual sessions as well as in person Workshops. Interested in Microlearning? 60 – 90 min live sessions are an efficient and impactful way to develop your team’s skills. Individualized 1:1s are available for immediate practice and feedback following the group learning experience.

Topics include:

“Janell had the best advice ever given in any coaching session or skills seminar. I can see how… can help put anyone at ease in job interviews, public speaking, meetings, negotiations, and more.”

Gideon Litoff

Boost your team's communication skills and improve your workplace. Book your 30-minute introductory call today.

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"Janell's workshops were engaging and informative... it has improved my management communication style and given me confidence in my presence in front of an audience."

Doreen McKercher

Communications Director, Camas School District

Group training can be customized as the following:

  • A 60- 90 min Live and Highly Interactive Webinar
  • 2 – 4 hrs. Live, Highly Interactive Virtual Workshop With Guided Breakout Practice Sessions
  • Half or Full Day In Person Workshop that engages participants every step of the way; as well as consecutive days of training, and 1:1 or small group coaching following a program.

Yes, I offer 60-90 minute interactive webinars on a variety of speaking, communication and leadership topics.