Communication Coaching

For Individuals

Discover your potential as a skilled communicator with effective, personalized coaching

My goal is to empower individuals to communicate more confidently and authentically in their personal and professional lives. Individualized coaching is customized to meet your unique needs and built around your strengths, challenges, and objectives, providing you with targeted guidance and support.


Introductory Call

We’ll meet to talk about the coaching process and discuss high-level goals and outcomes.



We’ll create a coaching plan that outlines your desired outcomes and identifies skills you want to develop.


Deep Dives

We’ll work one-on-one to target and develop specific skills through regular practice and reflection.

Speciality one-off intensive sessions

I offer targeted coaching sessions to current clients who are preparing for events, important presentations, interviews, or negotiations.

Your path to becoming a confident communicator starts here. Book your 30-minute introductory call today.

Contact me to schedule an introductory call and take the first step towards reaching your potential as a more effective communicator.

"Janell was great at helping me set up an executive summary presentation that would catch the attention of the executive team and keep them engaged during my presentation time with them... I would highly recommend Janell..."

Brady Corse

Regional Manager at ActionOnsite Inc.

Results depend on the individual, their determination, and commitment to ongoing practice and implementation of skills and strategies. Many clients find having the accountability partnership of a coach a great motivation in seeing behavior change.

Yes, presentation prep “soup to nuts” is one of Janell’s specialties. From inception of topic to delivery/stage presence, she has you covered.

The most transformative coaching outcomes are seen as a result of an individual’s full engagement and commitment to the coaching relationship and process. When a person chooses to be fully present, open to trying new approaches and are willing to be vulnerable, the optimal climate is accessible for one to learn, stretch and up level their baseline communication.

Rates differ depending on the client, industry, role and whether the company or organization is investing in the individuals professional development. Janell extends a non profit rate for educators and the like as well as special rates for students. She has space in her practice to work with professionals who are investing in themselves (out of pocket) as well.

A coaching engagement can range from one targeted session for on-going clients preparing for a keynote or internal presentation, but generally a coaching engagement runs 4-6 sessions, and can continue based on need/desire. Some clients keep Janell on retainer as speaking opportunities arise.