Meet your coach, Janell

Janell Payne is a training and development consultant, experienced educator, and executive communications coach based in Washington, helping professionals nationwide become effective communicators.

In 2005 Janell started teaching Public Speaking to college students at San Jose State University during her graduate program in Communication Studies as a Teaching Associate. She went on to teach at handfuls of colleges in Ca and Wa on topics of Interpersonal Communication, Group Decision Making, Listening, Argument and Debate and Facilitation. As a training consultant for Cabrillo College in Ca and Clark College in Wa, she has led leadership courses for companies, non profits, in her community, and has an ear to the ground when a friend or neighbor needs help with a speaking opportunity.

In 2008, Janell pivoted from academia, joining forces with a small boutique Communication Firm and began coaching speakers for conferences, and facilitating communication and presentation skills training for Start ups – Fortune 500 companies in the Bay Area, Ca.

In 2012, Janell joined the world class, woman owned Presentation Skills Firm, PowerSpeaking and has worked as a Master Facilitator and Exec Coach leading global training engagements on Storytelling, Speaking to Decision Makers / C Suite, Speaking for Women and Business Presentations for high tech, bio tech and beyond.

Today, Janell’s private coaching practice serves small business owners, health care professionals, artists, designers, educators / administrators, HR, hospitality and leaders of Fortune 500 companies and beyond. Janell also partners with high schools, colleges and school districts, customizing professional development opportunities and learning experiences of all kinds on a variety of leadership and communication topics. Janell leverages her background in Improvisational Theater and dance performance as she coaches professionals and students on stage presence when delivering high stakes talks and keynotes.

As a child, Janell was an introvert, terrified of speaking up in class and in social settings. She has discovered that courage and an ongoing commitment to practice is the key to confidence.  She inspires others to push through their discomfort as it’s the only way to discover what is on the other side.