Communicate clearly and confidently

Reach your full potential as an effective communicator with customized coaching that’s designed to help you find your voice.

Communication coaching that empowers you and makes your message have an impact when and where it matters most

Speak in public with confidence

Command the room and your audience's attention and respect.

Nail your next interview

Communicate your value and position yourself as the ideal candidate.

Give effective pitches & proposals

Speak with authority and communicate your message effectively.

Negotiate a salary or promotion

Work with decision makers to secure fair compensation or career advancement.

Speak up in meetings

Let your voice be heard and create a presence that gets noticed.

Set clear boundaries

Get comfortable with saying no and enforcing boundaries with peers.

“I felt more confident about saying ‘yes’ to 
speaking opportunities in the future.”

Nicole Celichowski

Director, Experience Design at Cisco

1:1 coaching that’s tailored to you

One size doesn’t fit all. My approach focuses on creating a personalized coaching plan that leverages your unique strengths and puts you in a position to succeed.

Communication skills for stronger teams

Strong communication skills means strong teams. I offer clients engaging professional development through hands-on in-person or online workshops, webinars or keynotes.

Get started with a personalized coaching plan. Book your 30-minute introductory call today.

Contact me to schedule an introductory call and take the first step towards reaching your potential as a better, more effective communicator.

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