Janell is a dynamo. She is an out-of-the-box thinker, a strong writer, a content expert, a stellar coach and an engaging trainer. Janell is able to build rapport with workshop participants quickly, which allows them to improve faster than they would otherwise. Her coaching is warm, direct, clear and specific. She has a relaxed, fun personality and a great sense of humor. —Melissa Schwartz, Executive Presentation Skills Coach at Coach 2 Executives

“Janell contributes to the college is so many ways. She is an associate faculty member in our Communication Studies department and does a phenomenal job inspiring students, creating a sense of excitement about her discipline, and supporting students’ development of vital skill sets and genuine awareness and deep understanding of the critical role communication assumes in our lives. Janell also serves as an associate faculty representative to our faculty’s participatory governance body, Academic Senate. I also asked Janell to co-coordinate a major fundraising event for the college and in her characteristic highly competent manner, she excelled in this role. Janell has a strong work ethic, a commitment that is unwavering, and a strong sense of purpose. It’s an absolute delight to work with her.” – Lori Gaskin, Superintendent/President, Santa Barbara Community College

Janell Payne is one of the most creative, inspiring, and caring college instructors I have had the privilege of working with in my 38 years of teaching. As past Communication Studies Chair and current Language Arts Division Chair, I have observed and evaluated hundreds of instructors. Janell shines as one of the finest.

Randy Fujishin, Author, Motivational Speaker, Coach

Janell demonstrates a rare capacity to apply a substantial grasp of communication theory to her understanding of real-world interactions. She is a creative and gifted teacher who models expert communication and inspires others to follow her lead. Her unassuming pursuit of excellence in her graduate work led  to her winning the 2007 Outstanding Graduate Student Award from the Department of Communication Studies at San Jose State University. As the former Graduate Director of that department, I continue to follow her career with interest and would welcome any opportunity to employ her as a consultant.

Elissa Foster, PhD., Medical Educator, Department of Family Medicine, Lehigh Valley Health Network
Associate Professor, University of South Florida College of Medicine

Janell is a collaborative professional, educator, and colleague. Her communication style is engaging, relevant, and multi-dimensional. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking a motivational coach who will hold you accountable and adapt to your specific needs and goals. I endorse her as a facilitator to deliver a dynamic presentation or training.

Kristin Tedford
Co-Founder and Principle of Bold Echo Communication Solutions

Janell Payne has all of the abilities and aptitude of an excellent leader, teacher, consultant, and person. She is incredibly collaborative, detail-oriented, supportive, and bright. Specifically, she enacts excellent leadership, strategic thinking, and communication. I can always count on Janell to provide timely, creative input and deliver on her commitments on time. Further, she is always willing to share her ideas and engage in thoughtful discussion. I can unequivocally recommend Janell.

Matt Abrahams, Communication Consultant,
Bold Echo Communications Solutions
Professor and Chair, Speech Communication Department, De Anza College

Janell Payne is a wonderfully effective communicator, teacher, and coach. I have witnessed how her approach to classroom teaching, paired with her genuine curiosity for life-long learning about conflict resolution and communication, holds the attention of learners of all ages. She translates theoretical concepts into concrete practice with ease, making these ideas accessible and easy to integrate into everyday life. I would highly recommend Janell for any consulting, coaching, or teaching opportunity as she delivers!

Mary Oleksy, Associate Director, Joint and Dual Degree Programs, Stanford Graduate School of Business (GSB), MBA Program

Janell develops projects that provide civic engagement opportunities for students and enhance the community. In collaboration with The Institute for Community and Civic Engagement at De Anza College, Janell has been a key faculty member designing civic engagement opportunities for her students. Janell offered a course that taught students the important skills of designing and facilitating events and processes. Janell trained, coached, and supervised students in the design and facilitation of two events: First, a service learning project on “Financial Literacy” in collaboration with Generation Engage and special guest, former Secretary of Labor, Robert Reich; and second, a Block Leaders community event, bolstering social capital for the city of Cupertino’s population of approximately 75,000 citizens. These students spent the quarter working with Block Leaders in the City of Cupertino to design and facilitate an event for the city. It was an amazing learning experience for the students and it was extremely helpful to the city.

Kimberly Pearce
Co-Founder, CMM Institute for Personal and Social Evolution
Co-Founder, Public Dialogue Consortium

Janell has received superb training in teaching and facilitation from San Jose State University. As Janell’s former professor and dialogue/facilitation coach, I was impressed with the skills she contributed to design and facilitate a project on dialogic conversations with first-year Graduate Teaching Associates in the Communication Studies Department. Once Janell became an affiliate of the Public Dialogue Consortium (PDC), I hired her to facilitate a Block Leaders Program for the City of Cupertino. She did an outstanding job facilitating a series of small group conversations. I strongly recommend Janell Payne for any private or public speaking event, training, or workshop.

Dr. Shawn Spano, Ph.D.
Professor, SJSU; President and Senior Consultant, PDC; Cabrillo Corporate Training Consultant

Janell has outstanding platform skills. Whether for a small group or 150 people, Janell’s public speaking and presentation skills teaching style is accessible, productive, and results-oriented. She is a proven listener and diagnostician of organizational communication styles.
Dr. Jay Baglia, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, College of Communication, DePaul University

I’ve had the opportunity and pleasure of collaborating with Janell on various teaching and training events. What I appreciate about Janell is her ability to clearly and thoughtfully assess the needs of her students, and create and deliver content that directly addresses those needs. Her understanding of adult learning theory, and sincere desire for students to learn ensure that her classes, training events, and coaching sessions are highly effective.  In addition, Janell’s warmth and humor contribute to a great learning environment. I whole-heartedly recommend Janell!

Karen M. Williams, Communication Consultant & Trainer, KMW Group
I was fortunate to be selected to collaborate with De Anza College on a Leadership and Learning Partnership project that involved working with block leaders, students and faculty to bridge cultural connections within Cupertino. It was my distinct pleasure to interact with Janell and her students. It was a joy to witness how Janell worked with students of all abilities and backgrounds on this project, as well as coaching my involvement with the group. My weekly meetings interacting with this excellent instructor was the high point of my week!  – Julia Kinst, Block Leader for the City of Cupertino

Janell is one of the founding members of the West Valley Toastmasters Club where she has demonstrated her unique ability of bringing people together with her inviting tone and presence. Her cadence of speech, demeanor and listening skills makes her a true mentor in the public speaking arena. – Maryanne Mills, Outreach and Instruction Librarian, West Valley College

“Janell is a presenter par excellence! I am rarely wowed by presenters but her presentation for our Cabrillo College OD Consultants group definitely wowed me! She has a depth and understanding of the subject matter and presents in such a natural manner that the information is easy to absorb and remember. She definitely has a way of making topics interesting and applicable to your own work. Kudos!” – Hilda Sendyk, MSc, Senior Learning/Organizational Development Consultant-Corporate Training, Cabrillo College

“Janell’s teaching methods are extremely beneficial and I have even landed a job with the interview techniques that she provided me with! During my interview, I felt completely at ease because of her extreme interview preparation. After learning her tips and techniques, you will leave feeling prepared and more confident than ever.”

Yvette Cruz, Clinical Nutrition, De Anza College student