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Communication is the lifeblood of every interaction you have at work, in your communities, and at home. Your messaging can make or break a deal, a relationship, a job, and the list goes on.

A large majority of subject matter experts agonize, stress, and sometimes even avoid speaking opportunities that could further their career. Sound familiar? Perhaps what’s holding you back is anxiety, the sheer time commitment it takes to organize content, or lack of strategy.

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Discover New Ways to Comfortably and Successfully Deliver Your Message

As a communications coach, I’ve seen it all. Perhaps you have to present in your current role and you’re struggling to resonate with the content, so you can present with confidence. Are you a technical speaker finding it difficult to connect with your non-technical audience? Maybe you’re presenting to key influencers  or decison makers and need to deliver an executive summary and exude leadership presence. Let me guess, you’re expected to deliver a slide deck that someone else has prepared… Whatever your challenge, as your public speaking coach, I can help you deliver.  My expertise and goal is to guide people like you to motivate your audience to take action.

Benefit from Communication Skills Training

Training can transform you from a mediocre speaker to one with executive presence, launch your career trajectory, and get game changing decisions made. If you are looking to lead your next team meeting with purpose and a strong call to action, assert your proposal or make a recommendation to a senior level audience, request critical resources to move a project forward, or prepare a Key Note address, you’ve come to the right place. I offer 1:1 coaching (in person and virtually), customized group trainings (in person and virtually), and workshops to meet your unique challenges and needs.

You can expect practical and relevant tools based on research and application while maintaining your authentic style. You will master tools and techniques that you can apply immediately in your next presentation or interview. Clients consistently report finding value in these strategies and see how they are beneficial both professionally and personally. If you have never worked with a communications coach before, contact me for a conversation about what you would like to achieve as a communicator.

Janell was immensely helpful in preparing me for the interview process as an Editorial Associate. Although my original interview was simply for an intern position, I was hired as a full-time employee 6 months later. As a recent college graduate, I did not have extensive interviewing experience but I felt very well-prepared after we met. She has a real knack for suggesting rhetoric to use in an interview that will allow your background to shine. Janell demonstrates a great knowledge of which questions interviewers ask, as well as which answers they don’t want to hear. I highly recommend her to anyone looking to improve their interviewing skills as a candidate or a hiring manager.

Lauren KentEditorial Associate

Janell is a collaborative professional, educator, and colleague. Her communication style is engaging, relevant, and multi-dimensional. I recommend her to anyone who is seeking a motivational coach who will hold you accountable and adapt to your specific needs and goals. I endorse her as a facilitator to deliver a dynamic presentation or training.

Kristin Tedford Co-Founder and Principle of Bold Echo Communication Solutions

Your expertise brought an entirely higher level of interview preparation to my students. It was fabulous! I’m so grateful for your help. I will definitely spread the word about your amazing contribution and reach out to you again in the future. Thanks again!

Teri Kent, College Admissions Consultant, Kent College Search, LLC

Thank you so much for coming out and being a part of our TT!  The time with you was amazing and I know everyone found it very informative and helpful in getting over their anxiety.

You gave very useful and attainable tips/tools on how to improve and find a solution for everyone.
Thank you!

Cindy JaPresident of Yoga@Cindy's

Janell Payne has all of the abilities and aptitude of an excellent leader, teacher, consultant, and person. She is incredibly collaborative, detail-oriented, supportive, and bright. Specifically, she enacts excellent leadership, strategic thinking, and communication. I can always count on Janell to provide timely, creative input and deliver on her commitments on time. Further, she is always willing to share her ideas and engage in thoughtful discussion. I can unequivocally recommend Janell.

Matt Abrahams, Communication Consultant, Bold Echo Communications Solutions; Stanford Lecturer

It has been a pleasure to work with Janell on the fundamental interviewing skills which are not only relevant in a job interview, but in everyday human interaction. She has been a fantastic coach and an enabler, who has pushed me to form articulate, structured, and succinct verbal responses. Thank you, Janell!

Matthew Rosendin, USC, Economics Major, Entrepreneurship Minor

On behalf of the Community Bridges WIC Program,  allow me to extend a big thank you to you for your presentation to our staff yesterday.   The content was great,  just what we were hoping for.   It fit in nicely with previous discussions we have had about customer service and communications and gave us a broader base from which to continue our personal and professional growth.    Thank you for some new tools to practice building/maintaining relationships while sticking to our core values.  We greatly appreciated your time and your expertise and only wish that we had had more time to explore the issue further.

Dana Wagner, MS RD IBCLC, Assistant Director, Community Bridges WIC Program

Janell is a presenter par excellence! I am rarely wowed by presenters but her presentation for our Cabrillo College OD Consultants group definitely wowed me! She has a depth and understanding of the subject matter and presents in such a natural manner that the information is easy to absorb and remember. She definitely has a way of making topics interesting and applicable to your own work. Kudos!

Hilda Sendyk, MSc, Senior Learning/Organizational Development Consultant-Corporate Training, Cabrillo College

Janell is a dynamo. She is an out-of-the-box thinker, a strong writer, a content expert, a stellar coach and an engaging trainer. Janell is able to build rapport with workshop participants quickly, which allows them to improve faster than they would otherwise. Her coaching is warm, direct, clear and specific. She has a relaxed, fun personality and a great sense of humor.

Melissa SchwartzExecutive Presentation Skills CoachCoach 2 Executives

I wanted to tell you that because of you I have improved immensely in facilitating. For the very first time I was calm and collected throughout the entire facilitation.  I was able to focus on the activities instead of my nerves.  At the end I was complimented on how soothing my voice was and how clear and precise my words were. I am very grateful to you and your expertise.  Thank you so much for making me a better facilitator and a more well rounded individual.

Ciarra M. Bischoff, Recreational Therapy, SJSU

I have worked with Janell for several years as a co-consultant and trainer with Cabrillo Corporate Training. Janell is a masterful trainer and speaker. Her content knowledge is broad, though I must specifically note her command of all things related to presentation skills. She walks the talk, and can help you become a much better presenter. I highly recommend Janell as she is positive, professional, and highly skilled.

Claire Laughlin, Leadership and Team Development Consultant

Janell’s teaching methods are extremely beneficial and I have even landed a job with the interview techniques that she provided me with! During my interview, I felt completely at ease because of her extreme interview preparation. After learning her tips and techniques, you will leave feeling prepared and more confident than ever.


Yvette Cruz, Clinical Nutrition, De Anza College student

Janell is an outstanding coach and trainer. Her professionalism exudes through her facilitation, coaching and training. She is a true guide by the side who counsels coaches and supports her participants. She models all the behaviors the programs teach as well as invites questioning and comments. Her students exit her programs with an entire new set of skills and tools that are practical and relevant to their jobs. I would welcome any opportunity to partner with Janell in the future.

Jeanne Tari, Sales Training Director, Juniper Networks

Janell gave a dynamite Delivery Skills presentation for our Menlo Park Toastmasters Club. Her slide show was well organized and easy to follow. She engaged us for 75 minutes with four interactive exercises to practice essential speaking skills: stance, eye contact, gestures, and avoiding filler words. The activities were fun and a great way to lock in the skills. She’s an inspiring role model for what she teaches—a natural speaker with great stage presence and extremely knowledgeable in her subject. We intend to invite her back to Toastmasters to teach another workshop on Listening Skills.

Donne Davis, Founder GaGa Sisterhood

Janell has outstanding platform skills. Whether for a small group or 150 people, Janell’s public speaking and presentation skills teaching style is accessible, productive, and results-oriented. She is a proven listener and diagnostician of organizational communication styles.

Dr. Jay Baglia, Ph.D. Assistant Professor, College of Communication, DePaul University

Janell is truly exceptional at her trade and helped me become so much better in my interpersonal communication and interviewing skills which I never really got exposed to as an engineer.  I’m thankful for the attention she devoted to me, and for the incredible change she has brought to my life. It has been such a pleasure working with her that I even talk to my friends about her.

Sapna Nagpal, Sr. Software Engineer, Advent Software, San Francisco

Janell is a fantastic professional to work with. She brings in fresh ideas with a solid know-how. She is able to adapt her materials as well as her teaching style to diverse audiences. For this project, Janell taught speech delivery skills to a group of international MBA students. She gave insightful feedback to students who gave their speech in Finnish, and absolutely amazed me by recognizing repetition from a speech that was delivered in Finnish!

Minna Holopainen, Founder, President at inFlux Communication Research & Consulting, LLC

Janell is one of the best communications and leadership coaches that I have worked with. She has tons of experience working with individuals and organizations of different experiences and skill sets. She personalizes her training to your specific needs and situation. Her insights into my approach and style were extremely useful to me. I liked her work so much that we signed up with her for providing interviewing training to our entire company. Although she wasn’t available during our time frame, she was able to find an extremely able replacement for us. I recommend her highly for both individuals and organizations.

Rhishi Pethe, Head of Product @ ShopWell

I want to thank you for assisting me in the process of preparing for my potential internship meeting. From the resume to improving my verbal and non-verbal communication skills, you have been such a great help and I truly appreciate your efforts. I’m looking forward to my new internship this coming year.

Jennifer Newman, Intern, Gunderson Capital Management

“Improvement doesn’t come from comfort zones.”